Our Suite of Proprietary Tools

What We Offer

Online Budget Tracker

As soon as you sign-up and provide us with a list of your accounts, we custom create an online tracker

Ad Copy A/B Tests

Identifies Champion's adcopy for each adgroup based on statistically significant tests

url auditor

Checks for invalid destination URLs in Paid Search Programs.

Geo Optimizer

Identifies the best performing and worst performing geographical locations to suggest bid modifiers.

Device Optimizer

Suggests mobile bid modifiers based on the performance.

Paid Search Audit Template

It is a comprehensive template that addresses all aspects of Paid Search

Day Parting Tool

Suggests bid changes based on performance during specific hours of the day.

SEO Audit Template

Is a well-tested template that helps deliver accurate findings

SEO Workflow Tool

SEO can be daunting with hundreds of tasks implemented every month. We use a proprietary Workflow tool to assign, track and monitor all SEO tasks.

Tag audit tool

Checks for tags on all pages to identify missing tags

Broken Link Finder

Checks for broken URLs