Paid Search Support for Agencies

Does your agency team spend too much time on mundane and monotonous tasks that involves fire-fighting? If yes, then the team has less time for strategy or innovation.

Do you get bogged down by all these? You can now get help by outsourcing your repetitive tasks to us so that your in-house team can spend more time on strategy, innovation, testing, facing clients and new business pitches. That's what our clients do. As a result - our clients today are featured among the fastest growing agencies in their respective geographies. You can take advantage of this as well.

Paid search agency

Paid Search Strategy

  • Paid Search Audit
  • Competitive analysis
  • Paid Search Budget Estimation (based on Keyword Development)
  • Traffic Estimation
  • Forecasting
  • Bid Management

Campaign Build - (Concept & Strategy)

  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Copy Writing
  • Landing Page Selection
  • Using Suitable Ad Extensions (Sitelinks, Call Extensions & Callouts)


  • Tracking Set-up
  • Conversion Tracking Set-up
  • Google Analytics Tags
  • UTM Tracking for Adcenter Campaigns


  • Adwords
  • Adcenter
  • 3rd Party Plaforms

Our paid search expertise is mainly with Google and Bing, the Search Engines that have the highest Market Share on the internet. Our team is also adept with Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

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What more? Our team of well-trained analysts are adept at using these tools to leverage your Paid Search campaigns.

What are you waiting for? Call us and learn how you can grow your business quickly in a cost effective way. Join the league of the fastest growing companies!