Paid Search Audit Template

It is a comprehensive template that addresses all aspects of Paid Search

Paid Search Audit Template

Hygiene Audit

It’s a comprehensive checklist that is systematically used to identify issues with set-up. WE check all settings at the engine level (if accounts run across engines), account level, campaign level, ad group level and keyword level to uncover inconsistencies and errors. In addition, we also check ad copy, and site links. Using this template, we have uncovered numerous errors that were fixed by our clients to save thousands of dollars.

Performance Audit

As the name suggests, this template focuses on identifying performance optimization opportunities for KPIs that are important to our client. This template allows us to analyze the account very systematically to uncover optimization opportunities. This template is used in conjunction with the several tools that we listed above. We have delivered performance improvement of between 5% and 50% for our clients.