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Google Analytics Support for Agencies

We offer Google analytics services for agencies. We understand that, more often than not, agencies are constrained for time and get by measuring the basics.

We believe, by creating the right strategy and taking advantage of robust tagging features, you can track, measure and report on important consumer actions on your client websites, This, it turn, lets you design and implement highly effective digital marketing campaigns and website design that drives more traffic and increases conversions.

Web analytics services for agencies

Digital Analytics Strategy

A well-designed strategy that provides insights with actionable steps to improve your website’s performance and maintain your business to run successful. We offer the following:

  • List of relevant metrics to be tracked
  • List of actions to be tracked
  • Map actions to action buttons
  • Map actions to pages

Google Analytics Audit

To ensure your data is robust and accurate, we perform tag audit by crawling through your website and evaluate each tags on every page. Our tag audit tool can show you,

  • Google Analytics Audit
  • Google Tag Manager Implementation
  • Goal Setup
  • Setup Cross-Domain Tracking
  • Update Site Search Tracking
  • Exclude Excessive URL Parameters
  • Remove Landing Page Errors
  • Link AdWords Account(s)
  • Setup Filters
  • Setup Audiences in GA for AdWords

Google Analytics Startup Kit

We design and deliver custom dashboards

  • Google Analytics Setup & Testing
  • Create GA Account
  • Create GA Property
  • Create/manage view filters
  • Realtime Tracking Validation
  • Set up GA Configurations
    • Set up Filters
    • Exclude Bots
    • AdWords Configuration
    • Setup basic Goals

Google Analytics Advanced Kit

We design and deliver custom dashboards

  • Events, Goals & e-Commerce Tracking Setup
  • List of Actions to be Tagged
  • Tag actions
  • Validate Event Tracking
  • Identify conversion tracking points
  • Setup each conversion tracking point as goal
  • Enable e-Commerce tracking
  • Validate Revenue/transaction related metrics tracked
  • Goal Funnels & Visitor Segmentation Setup
    • Setup visitor segmentation
    • Define Funnel Steps
  • Custom Dashboard & Automated Reporting Setup
  • Internal site search tracking
  • Implementing filters to exclude misleading data

Google Tag Implementation(GTM)

Implementing tags using a variety of tools such as Google Tag Manager, Adobe Analytics and Signal

  • Setting up GTM Account
  • Configuring to website
  • Establishing tagging needs
  • Tag Clean-up
  • Tag migration
  • Tag Implementation
    • Event Creation
    • Triggering Events
  • Tag Deployment
  • Post Implementation Audit
  • Regular tag maintenance

Digital Custom Dashboards / Reporting

We design and deliver custom dashboards

  • Traffic by Source
  • Device Performance Report
  • Geo Report
  • Landing Page Report
  • Event Report
  • Frequency and Recency Report
  • Visitor Type Report
  • Demographic Report
  • Top Product Report
  • Sale and Transaction Report
  • Other custom KPIs

We work on a Full Time Equivalent (FTE) basis or on a project basis. If you have ongoing needs, then you can hire one or more FTEs (160 hours / month) on a retainer basis. No long term commitments or contracts!

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